Valleykind Apparel seeks to provide a cohesive, ethically-made wardrobe for children. The garments in each VK collection all compliment one another. They can be mixed and matched to create several outfits out of the same few items.

Valleykind is committed to sourcing textiles made primarily from natural fibers. You won't see polyester in our fabric content; just linen, cotton, bamboo, and sometimes a bit of spandex to make room in those garments for kids to run, jump, play, and make memories.

Our fabric is sourced from American mills when possible, and from overseas manufacturers who adhere to safe and fair labor laws when the right American-made fabric just isn’t available. Each order is sewn together in a pet-free studio in a dog friendly home, placed into a 100% recycled weather protection bag (unless you select "Reduce My Plastic," and then into a 100% recycled mailer so we can ensure that when your garment arrives, it's ready to wow.

Each piece offers you an opportunity to vote against fast fashion and shift your consumption habits to support slow, sustainable fashion and a woman-owned business.